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Cars and computers in the movies

Ever seen a car or computer in a movie scene and wondered what it was? The Internet Movie Cars Database has a comprehensive, searchable list of vehicles that have appeared on film. Starring the Computer is a site detailing mostly older, lesser known computers from movies and tv shows.

Free interior design software

Sweet Home 3D is a multi-platform interior design application that is both powerful and easy to use. You create a floor plan, add furniture and view the results in 3D. There are over 350 additional items of furniture available for download. It even has an option to run in your browser if you do not wish to download and install it locally on your pc!

Google Cultural Institute

Google's Cultural Institute is a project to host the world's cultural treasures online. It includes Art Project which has over 40 000 high resolution images of art works and a virtual tour of many art galleries/museums. Also included is the World Wonders Project which brings modern and ancient world heritage sites online. There is a large archive of information available for exploring as well.

How the internet works

Ever wondered how the internet works? Watch this short Youtube clip for a brief desciption.

Disabling uTorrent sponsor ads

Recent versions of uTorrent have many annoying adverts. Click here to find out how to disable them all.


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