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Free interactive programming courses

Codecademy offers free online coding courses in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Python & Ruby. Each course starts with a beginner friendly indroduction, then gradually progresses to more advanced sections.

Free VPS

Vps.me offer a free virtual private server with a 600Mhz cpu, 384Mb ram, 5Gb disk space, 10Gb bandwidth and a choice of various operating systems. Please note that they use a sms based authentication system that some operators do NOT support(eg. Vodacom South Africa).

Open Source Android apps

F-Droid is a Free and Open Source repository for Android. One can download .apk files for manual installation or one can install the F-Droid app. This app allows one to browse the repository and select files for automatic installation.

Game & Watch

During the 1980's many manufacturers produced portable, handheld electronic games. Nintendo was the most successful with over 43 million units of it's Game & Watch series being sold! The Handheld Games Museum has a comprehensive, searchable list of various models listed by manufacturer. The Pica Pic Retro Handheld Games Collection has only a few games but you can play them in your browser.